Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Erythristic Rabbit

A few days ago I managed to get some footage of the sandy ‘erythristic’ rabbit in the scrub above the Freshwater Bay cliffs. The colour is caused by a genetic mutation affecting pigmentation levels.

In this video you can watch it using its paws as a flannel to wash its ears, and another short piece of it feeding with its 'normal' sibling.


  1. Hi Steve,
    Awwww lovely rabbit...
    I was in Yarmouth today, with a workmate, didnt see you!! Love the new layout, very nice...
    Thanks for the link to my blog, must update it again soon!!

  2. Hi Dave,
    I thought the old format was looking a bit tired and....well, old! It's a shame the aerial photo doesn't stretch right across the header, though!
    I must try to get out today if I can and make the most of this beautiful sunshine!
    Best wishes,