Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back Garden Badger

Our Badger visited the garden again last night. I happened to look out of the window just after 12.30am and there he was....3 hours earlier than his visit that I recorded earlier in the week! There should be cubs growing in the local setts now. For an area with so many Badgers the frustration so far has been finding a sett that will be suitable for observing soon when the young are old enough to come above ground and play & explore. I've found 3 good-sized local setts so far. 2 of them are deep in hedgerow and the other one is right in the centre of town. Watching that one would risk me getting arrested! It's pouring with rain today which is good because, like other areas of the country, we're much in need of it. As I write I'm sitting here thinking of our walk across the Down to the Needles yesterday...there's a bit of video of the Needles that I captured below.


  1. Lovely badger vid steve, you are so lucky to have one on your doorstep!!

  2. I am...though I reckon I'm on borrowed time as Carole's not seen the damage that Badgers can do to a lawn yet! :-)