Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spring on the way!

Spring is on the way….and I can’t wait!! The Lesser Celandine is our prettiest buttercup and this was one of several which were adding a dash of bright colour to the scrub at the side of our local Longhalves footpath. Time to burst into a bit of Wordsworth methinks (it was his favourite flower, after all!):

“There is a Flower, the Lesser Celandine,
That shrinks, like many more, from cold and rain;
And, at the first moment that the sun may shine,
Bright as the sun itself, ‘tis out again!”

Let’s hope it’s going to be out a lot this year!

This video is filmed from the Freshwater Causeway end of the Western Yar River. The distant Greenshank stood out from among the other waders as it picked its way up the channel. It’s been loitering around over the Winter period.

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