Friday, February 24, 2012

Red Squirrel Day!

I was really pleased to come across these three Red Squirrels earlier today as, so far, I've only seen singles at any one time. These 3 were in a wooded area just off the old railway path running along the side of the Western Yar estuary.
There was a drey there, too, so I think I've found the ideal place to follow the fortunes of a family of Red Squirrels over the year. I was trying to work out how I might identify them, but then noticed that the first squirrel in the video has some sort of abnormality on the top of its head, so I've decided to call it 'Scratch'!!
This one looked so delicate & petite that I decided it must be a female. Her pelage was also a rich red colour, so 'Red' it is!
And the last of the bunch was much greyer...'Dusty' it is!


  1. Lovely Steve. One of my favourite critters - the red squirrel.

  2. Thanks, Christian - they really have a character all of their own!