Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Water Vole evidence

I visited Afton Marsh again first thing this morning and wandered along the Western Yar river. A Kingfisher hurtled down the ditch alongside the Freshwater Coop and a Cetti's Warbler was practising its song in the reeds close to the Freshwater Causeway.
I noticed that something had been enjoying the apple that I had placed alongside the river yesterday. Carole saw the blog and was shocked when she realised that I was using her expensive posh 'something-or-other' apples, so she's going to buy some cheap ones instead! I think the Water Voles deserve the best.....
....and I can now confirm that it is, indeed, a Water Vole that has been enjoying the apple. The apple's over-exposed on this close-up view so you can't see the tooth marks very well...but there are half-a-dozen or so fresh Water Vole droppings! Now I just need some better views, which will probably mean getting up even earlier at the moment!

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