Saturday, November 12, 2011

Afton Marsh SSSI

Lots of bird stuff has featured on the Blog over the last few weeks, so I thought I’d try to get my first glimpse of the local Water Voles on what turned out to be a beautiful warm, sunny day.

At Afton Marsh it didn’t take long to find a number of signs indicative of an active Water Vole population.

This photo shows the most interesting feature - a closer view provides the detail:

It's a feeding platform that is obviously well used. You can see how the Reedmace has been chewed right to the ground on the right and, to the left, you can see several fresh droppings.

I followed the trail of an obvious run close to the water’s edge and came across these droppings…

…and these short pieces of Water Vole-chewed Sedge close by.

At the far end of this open stretch of water was a small stand of vegetation in the middle of the channel….

…..again, obviously a favoured food supply!!

All in all, I spent several hours leaning against an Alder tree overlooking the feeding platform, but this was the only visitor!

And when I got home this Black Redstart flew over my head as I parked the car. So, even more avian video, I guess, but I’m determined to catch up with a local Water Vole soon – and the signs are looking good!!

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