Thursday, April 21, 2011


As the weather hots up, so does the moth season! Here are a few from the trap last night....

Early Grey...I wonder if we will get any eggs on the Honeysuckle in our garden, the caterpillar's foodplant?

Clouded drab....with that deep maroon hue, I don't think that it's drab at all!

I love this moth. It's the Lunar Marbled Brown, 'lunar' referring to the crescent moon shapes on the wing. The caterpillars feed on oak.

And here are two colour variations of the Shuttle-shaped Dart. They are also named after a shape on the wing, in this case the narrow oval shape on the wings which reminded the person who named it of a weaver's shuttle.

Last, but not least, the Cockchafer season has begun. It can be quite scarey examining the moth trap at night when these blighters are around. They are the Kamikaze insects of the night world, setting their sights on the light, and honing in with unerring accuracy. There is a last minute drone before they crash into the trap....or the person standing nearby, which can give you quite a shock!

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