Monday, December 27, 2010


I'm almost embarrassed to say that, due to busyness followed by illness, today was the first day that I've actually had the chance to explore some of the local snowy wastes. I can hardly believe that I've missed out on so many brilliant opportunities to see what's happening in the local countryside by looking at the various tracks left by our wildlife.

I took the opportunity to check a local sett that I haven't surveyed properly for a few years. There were 2 entrances under a fenceline and they both looked like they were well-used. Here, you can see where the Badger exits to the right-hand-side, leaving a trail of muddy snow!

Badgers spend a lot of time underground when it's very cold, so perhaps it wasn't surprising that it was difficult to find good tracks to photograph. This is about as good as it got!

When looking at some tracks from the rear, it was easier to see the 5 claws in a line, typical of Badger.

I walked right around the edge of Maggs Field in Ampthill Park. These are Red Fox & Rabbit tracks crossing one another.

I know that some people will hate me for saying this, but I hope we get more snow and I get the opportunity to get out a bit more!! :-)

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