Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Steppingley-Woburn Road

At first light this morning, with rain falling steadily, I was parked in one of my favourite spots on the road between Steppingley & Woburn. A young Buzzard was very active, calling and flying to and fro over the field on the opposite side of the road. Just before 6.30am, a male Muntjac appeared at the side of the field which has recently been harvested. He wandered about for a while before disappearing, once more, into the long vegetation alongside the copse.

Then, just before 6.50am, a female Muntjac wandered into the stubble, followed by a lively fawn and, finally, the male lagging slowly behind!

After several minutes browsing, the family made their way back to the tall vegetation at the end of the field. The male and fawn bounded into it, whereas the female turned around and spent another ten minutes leisurely grazing in the midst of the stubble.

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