Thursday, July 29, 2010

Randall's Farm, Stewartby

Late this afternoon I set 18 Longworth small mammal traps at Randall's Farm, the Wildlife Trust Education Centre. I went back this evening and found this Bank Vole in a trap set by a gap in the shed:It's the third Bank Vole I've come across today. Earlier I stopped off at Stewartby Lake and looked under a refuge that I had placed here some months ago, revealing a beautiful chestnut-backed individual. I then visited several other refuges close to Ampthill Park. One was home to another Bank Vole, with a Woodmouse in a nest under a further refuge just a few metres away. The other refuge here - a large sheet of MDF rescued from Dad's garage - revealed several Toads and a Great-crested Newt. It all goes to show just how effective sheets of tin or wood can be - I'm always on the lookout for suitable pieces!

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