Friday, May 21, 2010

Chandos Road, Ampthill

Tired after last night’s bat survey, I was woken up by a surge of adrenaline when I looked into the moth trap this morning – after the first relatively warm night of the year – and saw a Poplar Hawkmoth…soon followed by a Small Elephant Hawkmoth and a Lime Hawkmoth….result!

The Spectacle – no prizes for guessing where it gets its name from!

And another one of my favourites: the Bird’s Wing – when at rest, it resembles a pair of bird’s wings!

And here’s one that I feel should be obvious, but isn’t. Is it a Large Nutmeg?

Update: Many thanks to Matt Burgess & Ian Woiwod for pointing me to Light Brocade, a new species for the garden.


  1. Hi Stephen,

    Nice to meet you at Chicksands Wood last Saturday.....I think your moth is a Light Brocade, very nice indeed-- I need it for my garden.


    Matt Burgess

  2. Thanks, Matt - I really appreciate your help - it's a new one for the garden for's a shame I can't take the trap to Israel!! :-)