Saturday, April 10, 2010

Duck End Nature Reserve, Maulden.

A few photos from this morning's Bedfordshire Natural History Society small mammal trapping event at Duck End Nature Reserve. We've hardly had any children for this event over the past few years, so I took the liberty of inviting several families during the week...which resulted in a few more people than usual...38 in total!! But Sue Raven did a great job in leading this...maybe, just maybe, a budding naturalist or two has been born today - it wouldn't surprise me having seen the wonder on the faces of some of the children!

Common Shrew - "Cheese!!"

Pygmy Shrew - "If I crouch right down, they might not notice me!"

Bank Vole - "This would make a nice conservatory for the burrow!"

Wood Mouse - "Make sure you get my good side!"

20 traps were set with the following captures:
3 Bank Voles (1 @ 18.5g; male @ 18.5g; male @ 19.5g).
1 Wood Mouse (male @ 26.5g).
1 Common Shrew (7.5g).
2 Pygmy Shrews (1 @ 3.5g; another escaped through a tiny hole in the plastic bag!).

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  1. These are some really nice mammal photos. I especially like the Pygmy Shrew. I don't see how kids could not be impressed by a show like this.