Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Updated List

Here's the updated mammal list. If you live in Bedfordshire, and can help me with any of the difficult mammals I've yet to see, then please get in touch!

1) Rabbit (1st January – Kempston Hardwick verges).
2) Chinese Water Deer (1st January – Flying Horse Farm).
3) Grey Squirrel (2nd January – Millbrook Plantation).
4) Muntjac (2nd January – Millbrook Plantation).
5) Red Fox (4th January – Brogborough Lake).
6) Brown Hare (7th January – Ampthill area).
7) Brown Long-eared Bat (13th February).
8) Natterer’s Bat (13th February).
9) Pipistrelle Bat sp (13th February).
10) Barbastelle Bat (13th February).
11) Daubenton’s Bat (13th February).
12) Common Shrew (17th February – Ampthill Park).
13) Pygmy Shrew (18th February – Ampthill Park).
14) Wood Mouse (18th February – Ampthill Park).
15) Stoat (24th February – Ampthill Park).
16) Bank Vole (5th March - Stewartby Lake).
17) American Mink (8th March - Stewartby Lake).
18) Water Shrew (12th March - The Lodge, Sandy).
19) Water Vole (24th March - Sandy area).
20) Otter (24th March - Warren Villas NR).

And here are some of the species that I'd like to catch up with:

Hazel Dormouse - I hope the Maulden Wood survey will get me one of these little beauties!
Edible Dormouse - A tough one...any contacts really appreciated.
Field Vole - I should record this at some point.
Harvest Mouse - I've never seen one...hopefully this is the year!
Yellow-necked Mouse - Another tough one - only a few recorded colonies in Bedfordshire.
House Mouse - I should get to record this with traps in appropriate places, though no records were received by Richard Lawrence last year!
Common Rat - Should turn up under one of my refuges soon.
Hedgehog - I'm hoping Margaret will give me a call when one turns up in her garden!
Mole - Lots of creative ideas....but could be tough.
Badger - Shouldn't be too difficult.
Weasel - A bogey species for me, but hopefully I'll catch up with it at some point.
Polecat - I couldn't confirm a brief glance on the Barton Bypass in January - this will be really difficult.
Grey Seal - Maybe another one will travel up the Ouse this year - stranger things have happened!
Fallow Deer - Hopefully, I'll pick it up in the north-east of the County in the Autumn.
European Roe Deer - I did see one a few years ago, but they are only just spreading into Bedfordshire and will be very difficult to see.
Sika Deer - Odd records in the Woburn area...I'm not counting my chickens over this one...
Red Deer....nor this one!
Noctule Bat - Should see in the next month or two.
Leisler's Bat - Get me this one, Bob, and I'll kiss you!
Serotine Bat - a fair chance with the Bat Group aiming to survey Serotines' this year.
Common Pipistrelle - I've seen one of the Pipistrelle species on the Hibernation survey...I should pick up both species.
Soprano Pipistrelle.
Wallaby - Richard Lawrence pointed out I had omitted this on my original list. This was followed with the comment, 'Good luck with that, though'!!

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