Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ampthill Park - Westminster Pond & Bedfordshire Mammals [Updates]

February has come to an end and, after two months, I have managed to see 15 separate mammal species, including the unidentified Pipistrelle. This is the full list:

1) Rabbit (1st January – Kempston Hardwick verges).
2) Chinese Water Deer (1st January – Flying Horse Farm).
3) Grey Squirrel (2nd January – Millbrook Plantation).
4) Muntjac (2nd January – Millbrook Plantation).
5) Red Fox (4th January – Brogborough Lake).
6) Brown Hare (7th January – Ampthill area).
7) Brown Long-eared Bat (13th February).
8) Natterer’s Bat (13th February).
9) Pipistrelle Bat sp (13th February).
10) Barbastelle Bat (13th February).
11) Daubenton’s Bat (13th February).
12) Common Shrew (17th February – Ampthill Park).
13) Pygmy Shrew (18th February – Ampthill Park).
14) Wood Mouse (18th February – Ampthill Park).
15) Stoat (24th February – Ampthill Park).

Many thanks to Trevor Dix who sent a number of photos and updated me this morning regarding the Ampthill Angling Club's transfer of fish from Westminster Pond to Marston Pit. Following my visit yesterday morning, the Club repaired the net and had another go, this time catching even more fish and removing 79 Common & Mirror Carp, and 60lbs of 'silver fish'. They also caught an amazing 10 Catfish, including what appears to me to be the grand-daddy of them all looking at Trevor's photos below. You can see all of the photos and more on the Ampthill Angling Club website here.

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