Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday 7th October: Ardeche River & woodland

All of the traps were empty this morning. I was surprised that there wasn’t anything in the crayfish trap….until I discovered that I’d left the main zip open so that anything that got in…could get out! Hopefully I’ll have something to show for my efforts – and a closed zip – tomorrow!

But I did find this beside the path not far away from the river. I recognised it immediately as the work of a Beaver. I had been told that Beavers are not found in this part of the Ardeche but, as I penetrated deeper into the thick scrub alongside the river, I found a number of saplings that had been shorn off by a Beaver’s industrious incisors.

Unfortunately I’ve been at quite a disadvantage for watching mammals on this holiday. During our past French holidays, I’ve had the greatest success during the hours of darkness, and have seen Badger, Red Fox, Beaver, Wild Boar, and Roe, Red & Fallow Deer. Travelling by air means that I’ve been limited in terms of what I can bring. Carole did allow me to pack a very bright torch…and went without her hair-dryer so that I could. But, when I arrived, I discovered that the it didn’t work. Actually, if I’m honest, I remember now that it hasn’t worked for some time!! Fortunately, Carole has seen the funny side of this…and her hair looks lovely!

So, it’s nearly 8.30pm and it’s pitch black outside (but still very warm). Beaver-watching is out…so we’re going to climb over the wall and have a sneaky swim in the pool (always wanted to do that!).

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