Friday, September 4, 2009

Stewartby Lake

I spent a few hours walking, reading & reflecting at Stewartby Lake this morning. 2 Kingfishers, clothed in pastel red & electric blue, fished along the shore. A creaking overhead announced the impressive arrival of some 50 or so Common Terns. Large numbers of Sand Martins were skimming just above the water's surface hunting for flies. Further inland, these two characters were also hunting very effectively for various invertebrates on the wing:

A male Southern Hawker. This species is always really inquisitive. A few days ago I had one hovering face-on just inches in front of me as I sat at the side of a woodland pond. No wonder they are regularly caught by cats!

And a male Migrant Hawker.

I love watching these Hawker Dragonflies as they patrol their patch with amazing manoeuvrability. Early this afternoon I also caught up with a large Brown Hawker over the reeds by the River Ouse at Priory Country Park...though a magnificent Hobby riding the wind overhead gave the greatest thrill!

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