Thursday, June 4, 2009

Firs Lower School, Ampthill

Following a cold night with little cloud, I was fearing the worst when I arrived at The Firs Lower School this morning to look at the moth-trap. My fears were confirmed with only 3 species in the trap: 10 Heart & Darts, 1 Shuttle-shaped Dart (the moth at the top of the photo), and a Green Carpet. The children who were passing through the Quadrangle found them interesting, but I was disappointed. I'm hoping to return on a warm night in a few week's time and put the trap out on the grass alongside Cooper's Hill....I think the difference will be quite dramatic!

Then, just as I was packing the moth-trap into the car....I noticed this little beauty clinging to the sides - a male Pale Tussock. How did I miss it earlier? I'm sure that I looked at all of the sides of the trap. Shame, 'cos the children would have loved it!

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