Sunday, May 31, 2009

Marston Vale Country Park

Surely the day couldn't get any better after the afternoon's breathtaking polecat extravaganza...I'm so glad that I decided to go to the Beds Natural History Society moth-trapping event at Marston Vale CP......

An amazing total of 15 Elephant Hawkmoths!

A magnificent Lime Hawkmoth was one of 3 that turned up.

Next on the scene was a female Eyed Hawkmoth that proceeded to lay some eggs!

Then we checked the Robinson Trap to find Elephant, Lime, Eyed....and Privet Hawkmoth!!

And then, just as we were packing up to go after 1am, a Poplar Hawkmoth appeared!

The grand total was 15 elephant hawkmoths, 3 lime hawkmoths, 2 eyed hawkmoths, a privet hawkmoth, and a poplar hawkmoth! What a day!

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