Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Duck End Nature Reserve, Maulden

I've always loved these dramatic moths - Nemophora degeerella. This is a male, sporting the longest antennae of all the UK's moths! There were several flying around together in one spot.

  • Grey squirrel retrieving and consuming buried acorn.
  • Large female sparrowhawk flashing past in the middle of the birch copse; pair grey partridge.
  • Hoverflies: Merodon equestris; Myathropa florea; Eristalis pertinax; Syrphus torvus; Volucella bombylans (var. plumata); Rhingia campestris; Chrysotoxum sp.
  • Snipeflies: Rhagio tringarius.
  • Butterflies: Green-veined white; painted lady; orange tip; common blue.
  • Ladybirds: Cream-spot; 24-spot.
  • Hundreds of azure damselflies; 1 large red damselfly.
  • Adder's tongue; star-of-bethlehem; impressive displays of flowering ragged robin & yellow rattle; blinks gone over.

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